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As fine art brokers and Tiffany Studios lamp experts, we have over 45 years of experience in the business of evaluating, authenticating and selling major paintings and artwork, (American and European) antique Tiffany Studios lamps and Tiffany Studios art glass. We are Private Brokers, not auctioneers or dealers.  We do not purchase items outright or maintain an inventory of items for sale. Likewise, we do not offer items at public auction.

We will assure you in writing of a professional and discreet sale, with no commissions or seller’s fees to you!

Fine Art Investments’ main purpose is to act as private, expert fine art brokers. We help anyone needing help in selling authentic, antique Tiffany lamps or major American and European paintings by well known American and European artists. Our firm offers full service brokerage services to evaluate, authenticate and sell your American and European paintings by major artists from the 17th century to around 1985. We have over 45 years evaluating, authenticating and acting as brokers for authentic Tiffany Studios lamps, including antique table lamps, floor lamps and hanging shades.


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Fine Art Investments are experienced, expert fine art brokers who authenticate and privately sell antique, original American oil paintings and original European oil paintings by well-known artists. We accomplish this using our 45 years of experience as professional art experts, private art brokers and fine art appraisers. Our job is acting as your exclusive American or European paintings expert, appraiser and private broker. We are not dealers, or auction houses with many employees  high rent and high advertising costs. Our lower overhead enables us to sell your antique Tiffany lamps or to broker your major American or European oil painting and get you a very good price. The important difference is that there is no cost to you. Our clients are guaranteed both a sale and a guaranteed “net” price to them in writing – in advance.

If you have a signed authentic Tiffany lamp, or an oil painting you know or believe to be by a well-known American or European artist,  please give us a call. We will tell you what we need for photos and other information. Better yet, take 2-3 minutes and click on the appropriate Evaluation Form below. It is quick and easy. You will immediately be directed to the proper form to complete. When completed, simply click “Submit.” You will hear back from us within 24 hours.

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For questions regarding a specific item in your possession, please take a minute to complete our fine art brokers’ short online Artwork Evaluation & Information Form or Lamp Evaluation & Information Form. These forms will provide us with the type of information we need to better assess what you have, and do our best to evaluate its potential for interest to our buyers. Just click below on the appropriate bar.

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example of American Art bought through fine art brokers

As Fine Art Brokers We Have Many Buyers For Signed Original Paintings By American Artists Such As:

19th Century American:  J.G. Brown, Fairfield Porter, Thomas Birch, Thomas Sully, James Bard, Guy Wiggins, Joseph Whiting Stock, Charles Nahl, Martin Heade, George Inness, Robert S. Dunning, Edward Moran, Herman Herzog, William Trost Richards and many others.

20th Century American:  Andy Warhol, Lee Krasner, David Park, John Marin, Richard Diebenkorn, James Everett Stuart, Mark Chagall, Thomas Hart Benton, Mark Tansey, Gene Davis, Paul Reed and many others.

example of European art bought through expert brokers

We Also Have Buyers For European Paintings By Artists Such As:

19th Century European: Eugene Boudin, Berthe Morisot, John Constable, Edouard Cortes, Adolph Kauffman, Frederick Cordey, Honore Daumier, Karl Bodmer, Marcel Dyf, Henri Cross and many others.

20th Century European: Albert Marquet, Charles Camoin, Louis Valtat, Henri Evenepoel, Maurice Marinot, Jean Puy, Maurice de Vlaminck, Henri Manguin,  Othon Friesz, Alice Bailly, and many others.